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Package Includes:
*1 Pc Remote Control Key

* 100% Brand-new and High Quality.
* Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
* Weight: 30g
* Size: 55mm x 33mm x 15mm
* Remote control range: Up to 100 meters
* Supported IC CODE: PT2262, PT2260, PT2264, PT1527, PT2242, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, AX5326-4, AX5326-3. The Codes that have the same suffix like SC2262 and PT2262 are also supported.
* With this replacement remote key you can clone all 433.92MHz fixed code key fobs based on supported IC.

NOTICE: We strongly suggest you to check the IC CODE of your original remote key. The replacement remote key may not work properly if you copy the code from an unsupported IC.

How to Program:
1. Press the two top buttons(A & B) for about 3 seconds until the blue light flashes quickly (PLS finish this step before you going on next).
2. Place the replacement remote key and the original one as close as possible.
3. Simultaneously press a button on your original remote key and one of the buttons on the replacement and hold them until the blue light on the replacement flashes steadily. (The Blue Light will first flash 3 times quick, then stops for a second, and then flashes steadily when cloned successfully).
4. Programming is now successful! If you want to program more buttons simply repeat steps 2 > 4. It’s that easy! To reset the remote simply start again with step 1.
5. If you reset your replacement remote key incautiously, just press the two bottom buttons(C & D) for about 3 seconds until the blue light flashes quickly.

* If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to solve all of the questions for you.


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